Zine-age Dream: Eva Malley | Eva Malley; Introduced by Millie Norman

Seamlessly blending the personal and the political with sensitive and vibrant ventures into mental health and gender, illustrator Eva Malley's work is never off-beat. Sharing a zine with us that shows a new, exciting edge to her style, Malley offers her thoughts on working hands-on, experimenting and loving your work's imperfections.

"I've been working on a collection of mixed media collages that I’ve been adding to each day in my sketchbook throughout lockdown. This is one of the only things I’ve been able to concentrate on during this strange time, and I’ve been playing around a lot with texture, patterns and layering. I’ve also been trying to slowly teach myself some new Adobe softwares and have enjoyed experimenting with digital elements as well. This is a small part of a uni project I’m working on at the moment, which explores some personal issues for me. I wanted to make a little A5 zine out of these images, so I had something more concrete and physical to interact with. Printing this completely drained the rest of my black printer ink and I stitched it wonky, but with my current lack of resources I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. There’s something really special about working by hand and creating DIY projects, which I haven’t had enough time to do until now. I think the work we make during this time will be incredibly insightful to look back on in years to come, so I’m just trying to make whatever I can!"