Smith & Wesson | a Sketch by Kiely Sugayan

This is a comedic satire sketch written during my time at The Second City in Chicago. Everyone knows Americans have a strange obsession with gun ownership, and because of the endless resources of the National Rifle Association, a change in that ideology is not happening anytime soon.


This sketch has never been performed in front of an audience and it never will, due to my personal belief in the "satire paradox", which is a theory that political satire empowers people on both sides of an issue and creates a larger divide between two parties. Both sides see what they want to see within a satire. Since I don't want to give the fans of the 2nd Amendment any idea that I support them, it will stay off the stage. But we can still have a little laugh about it together here online. If you wish, you can read this sketch with both points of view in mind and see if you can spot the paradox. Enjoy!