Festive Gifts


£ LOW (Roughly £1-£5)£

££ MEDIUM (Roughly £10-£30)£

£££ HIGH (Anything above)


With products from just £1, expect striking prints, badges, tote bags, tees, posters & more! Eva’s bold illustrations feature femmes, art and plants, what more could you want to adorn your life? She’s also having a Christmas sale on December the 1st so make your way to her shop in double time!

@evamalleyart | https://www.evamalley.com/shop


Satdeep is a British artist who describes herself as ‘painting chaos, science & nature’. You can buy affordable prints or original works from her online, a piece from her could be the perfect unique gift for a loved one.





Izzy is known by all her friends for her eye-catching style & now she’s sharing it with you by selling her own earrings and tote bags. These are the perfect pieces for quirking up anyone’s style.

@i.m.artt | https://depop.com/isobel_ayres


Although Ella doesn’t have an online shop, we really recommend you get in contact via instagram or ella-marie@hotmail.com for lovely postcards, badges, totes and stickers from some of the illustrations you can see on her page. I’ve got some bits from her for my presents already!



Caylan says: SCUFF zine is a lighthearted music publication that explores a whole bunch of different genres. With features on local bands as well as stuff from all over the globe it focuses on introducing readers to bands and musicians that they maybe haven’t heard of before. It also has a bunch of comics, drawings and photos in it to tantalise even the most refined of eyeballs. It’s always printed on recycled paper and for all you print nerds out there, each issue has a screen printed cover using an old Japanese print, gocco, which makes them all super unique! As well as that we have a few t-shirts (more to be printed so don’t be afraid to contact us for orders!). These were all screenprinted in my garage using the same contraption that I use to print the covers! Really high quality and the tees are also ethically and ecologically produced!

The second issue is out now and we have a few t shirts all online on scuffzine.bigcartel.com Tees: 16 quid (with postage)

Zines: A single GBP

We know that not everyone wants art, prints, t-shirts and tote-bags but it’s definitely worth supporting independent artists if they do! And if our recommendations aren’t enough, check out your local craft fairs for unique gifts from people like our own creative folk. For other ideas, read on:

Of course we encourage you to be making your own gifts too, the most sustainable thing is to aim for an art piece you know they will love or something useful that you can make or decorate yourself. We really care about sustainability here at !GWAK and always prefer to avoid large chain shops with mass-produced products when possible. These handmade gifts will almost always be the most appreciated, especially by those closest to you, and I really enjoy thinking about the recipient as I make something for them.

We know first-hand that this can often be hard on your pocket as a creative, which is why we have offered some affordable options and ideas here. Since I’ve been so busy this year, I’ve not included my own work in this article but I’ve been making gifts for my family and friends so wanted to give you some examples which could inspire you: I’ve bought a cushion which I’m embroidering for my parents with one of their favourite plants, have made some earrings for a friend’s birthday and will be changing the buttons on a vintage shirt for my boyfriend to make it look extra nice.

Workshops are also a fantastic opportunity to make something as a gift if you’re not such a practical artist or you could try gifting someone a creative experience rather than something physical that they don’t need, why not do it together? We definitely recommend that you keep an eye out for events in your area, Satdeep runs workshops in the Hampshire area so keep an eye out on her Instagram if you’re a local and we are definitely planning to start doing some of our own !GWAK workshops in the coming year…

Written by Amber Bardell @amberbardell