Body Image: Spoken Word by Chay Swan


Chay Swan by Constance Wilson

How did the world come to this?

We leave the door self conscious about our body image and the people who feel the need to put opinion on it.

I remember when I was skinnier, but now I prefer looking at my wall of nostalgic pictures than staring into my own mirror.

What happened to qualities? Being based on personality? Not being judged on man boobs, thick thighs and waist size.

Not to mention the time you caused me tension, making me cry and want to die inside but it’s just another day passing by.

Yes I have stretch marks so please, dry your eyes,don’t waste your breath shaming those who ate for comfort in a world that shames those who are plumper, wear 3XL jumpers and skip the gym class cos they knew they’d hear something hurtful.

From you, the perfect person with a size minus 8 waist, that still fits into your old clothes and isn’t afraid of society's cruel standards that puts slander over manners.

There’s nothing that I’ve ever asked for more than skinny hips and pretty lips but then that became day trips to the clinic after i threw up in the toilet last night’s fish and chips

And everybody’s telling me that I care too much about my body image but they just don’t understand that I'm too timid to ignore all of my limits.