A Glimpse of Summer | A Poem by Yonas Campbell

A glimpse of summer in her eyes,

she'll touch and taste an English sky;

In blissful night we run and hide,

and feel the passage of our time.

In wondrous way, we walk with ease

until the sun shakes off the breeze;

By Camden park I doze a while,

as you safeguard a sweet new smile.

Through Venice night we laugh and cry,

and cheer as Scousers sing on high.

We hold the fort through lonesome dark,

until the morning meets the heart.

Between the French dog blues we lay

forgetting all chaos of day:

A memory to carry through,

as old as one that we both knew.

As two in time, we'll take our wine

and lie here as we are.

A world away, but here I stay,

for you and me tonight.


Collage by Millie Norman