Digital Art | Izzy Ayres

"I'm naturally quite apprehensive around technology," laughs !GWAK artist Izzy Ayres, "I get easily confused-so it's about finding a way to make it work for you."

Never one to shy away from experimentation, Ayres' bold new series emerged from a process much more digitised than her previous paintings, sculptures, drawings and models have warranted. Approaching her new medium from a basic line drawing uploaded and worked on in the SketchBook app, the works are a product of one of the best parts of creating for Izzy-playing around with new ways of working. "Sometimes things don't go the way you plan, but other times it just clicks and you get right in the zone".

Across Izzy's work, the influence of the '80s shines neon pink-her new series is no exception. "The bright garish colours and the characters' bold make-up are just enabled to become even brighter and even bolder through the digital medium," explains Izzy. "There's a degree of flamboyance and glamour in my characters which is definitely heightened with it-but I want my characters to use the crazy makeup etc. to show their power as an individual, not as a means of conforming to beauty standards. I don't want to idealise my characters. I want to draw women with a few extra hairs on their body. I want them to be real."


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