With all the music out there, it's a constant struggle for musicians and listeners alike to find something interesting, moving and genuinely captivating. We tend to fixate on popular, mainstream music which has been widely suggested to us, but perhaps there's an artist, album or song we're all missing out on - we have to help each other discover good music, so every other week on a Thursday, I'll be dropping three atomic Bandcamp releases, from artists of all kinds of genres and times for your ears to enjoy, and writing a little bit about them.


Heavy, dark and fast moving instrumental jazz trio erupt from the depths of the underground scene in London with a fiery self-titled album. Artists in their own right, saxophonist Idris Rahman, bassist Leon Brichard, percussionist Yahael Camara-Onono and drummer Emre Ramazanoglu, the quartet of talented souls shines bright in the midst of murky jazz waters, with an explosive, brash sound which is instantly recognisable by the groovy rhythms and the hard hitting bass lines, Ill Considered are definitely a band to be watching in the UK jazz scene.

I found their album on Bandcamp a while back and was immediately immersed into a world of twisting, pulsing tunes, which almost perfectly matches their album art. You can buy it on Bandcamp for £5 or more, here.


I'm not exactly here to discuss the meaning behind Milo's 2011 venture into hiphop, rap and aspects of jazz and soul, but a few particular tracks on this album are sure to strike a few heart strings. Milo was in the process of creating a new project, when he heard that a distant friend of his, Rob Espinosa, had drowned during the Summer, he dedicated his entire new album to Rob, cross referencing it with Del Funky the Homosapien's "I wish my brother George was here".

In various interviews, Milo has always been grateful for his ever-loyal fans and always expresses this greatly, his attitude and the way in which he approaches creating music is refreshing and provides an exciting new aspect to rap and hiphop. Find it here.


I'm not sure when exactly I started listening to zen-funk quartet Ronin. Their music is composed and arranged by Nik Bärtsch, and their sound is something compromised of minimalism, jazz with features of funk and progressive rock.

Most of their 'Modul's' orientate around the idea of a build up throughout their song, and is often characterised by the occasional off beat notes and the interesting rhythms displaced within the music itself.

This album is definitely worth a listen. If you have the time, I'd highly recommend it, you can find it here.

Whilst the last two of these albums can be downloaded completely for free, Bandcamp offers a donation service for artists who choose to put their work out for no price at all. It's important, however, that we continue to support our artists. If you enjoy their work then please consider contributing absolutely anything so that they can afford to keep doing what their doing!

That's all for this week, I'll be back soon with some more goodies from Bandcamp, until then enjoy this music!