LULA | Dream Cave

'Taking the sentiment/feeling of a film/artwork and translating it into a musical form.' Inspired by David Lynch's film "Wild at Heart" (sampled in the song), Millie and Barney from Dream Cave create a visually and audibly stimulating track, merging together various genres and using archived footage for the video.

The project, "Dream Cave" is all about taking the feeling of a film or artwork and translating it into music - essentially looking at the relationship between audio and visuals and why or how it makes us feel something.

Millie told us that Lula was inspired from the sentiment of "Wild at Heart", and therefore reflects the film's dreamlike, almost hypnotic nature of the film and it's characters, especially focusing on how everything in Lynch's work shifts beyond reality.

Her and Barney wanted to take that hypnotic sense and make a track that was layered, but circular. The film is all about love and the sacrifices you make for love, and they really wanted to capture that sense of emotion.

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