Our new online residency opportunity focuses on facilitating collaboration. We accept around 30-50 people at a time and the opportunity lasts for 3 months. We provide opportunities to network, access to organized projects, and support for your own collaborative projects as well as features via our blog, magazine, and social media. We guarantee you a minimum of: 1 blog and social media feature (not always individual pieces), 1 small project & 1 large project during your residency. Your involvement is really up to you though, without your own input this will not be possible but with enthusiasm, you can achieve much more!


APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN for the January-March 2021 opportunity. Applications close on December 20th.


Some residents may continue for up to a year if working on a long-term project with us but this will be decided after the initial 3 month period. All applications are considered on the quality of your work but we also collect demographic information in order to ensure we are accepting a diverse range of applicants.


At !GWAK, we rely on volunteers to run our blog, magazine, social media and events. We have lots of different areas so we try to be adaptable with our positions and enable you to get the most out of your time with us. Our staff are passionate individuals who can use our platform for their own benefit as well as progressing in creative careers. For more information on volunteering please email us at If you'd like to help us in another way, we are always in need of donations, any amount makes a difference!


You can find more opportunities by following our social media, where we regularly share open calls from both within and outside of !GWAK.